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Give your bridesmaids a fashionable floral accessory that will look fresh long after the wedding day: They are traditionally considered not only beautiful in form, material, and design but are made to suit the use to which they will be put, so that a flower can always be placed in an appropriate receptacle, and probably in one especially designed for that particular sort of flower.

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At banquets, roses were strewn on the floor to a depth of one foot, and the flowers "rained" from the ceiling. The fragrance of so many roses was almost suffocating. The Romans used the roses at many meals and because of its overwhelming fragrance it [ vague ] was known as the "Hour of Rose".

Flowers were an integral component of religious teaching and medicine. Practitioners of Buddhism , Taoism , and Confucianism placed cut flowers on their altars, a practice which dates back to CE. They created paintings, carvings, and embroidered items with depictions of flowers. The paintings can be found on vases, plates, scrolls, and silk, while carvings were done on wood, bronze, jade and ivory.

Buddhist teachings forbade the taking of a life, so religious practitioners worked sparingly when taking cuttings from plants. Flowers and leaves that were used to make basket arrangements were selected based on their symbolic meaning.

For example, the bamboo , the peach tree, and the pear tree symbolized longevity. The tiger lily , the pomegranate , and the orchid symbolized fertility. The most honored of all flowers was the peony.

During the period CE to CE, the Byzantine Empire made its contribution to floral arrangements, which typically included a cone shape design. The foliage was placed in chalices and urns , which were further decorated with brightly colored flowers and fruit. Flowers commonly included in these arrangements were daisies , lilies, cypress , carnations , and pine.

Ribbons were also commonly used, and leaves and tiny flowers were set in arching lines to give an twisted effect to garlands. Flower arranging arrived in Europe around CE, and was particularly popular in churches and monasteries where flowers and plants were used for food as well as for decoration. As crusaders came back from the Middle East , they brought with them new and interesting plants.

As a result, European countries began experimenting with plants that were previously unknown to them. During this era, monks were known for having gardens with herbs and wildflowers. In the later part of the Gothic period flowers reached a more dominant role, such as flowers beginning to blossom in altar pictures, manuscripts, and paintings.

In addition, many plants were used by monks and Christians in general in sacred rituals and ceremonies. They often had associations appealing to spiritual bases as well as to medicinal effects. The flower design started in Italy and grew through Europe. Paintings of impressive floral arrangements in vases were popular. In the paintings, fruit blossoms and leaves were woven into garlands to decorate walls and vaulted ceilings, and petals were piled into baskets or strewn on the floors, streets, or allowed to float down from balconies.

At the beginning of this period floral designs were symmetrical and oval-shaped, with asymmetric crescents and S-shapes becoming popular later on. The baroque arrangements in the Dutch-Flemish style were more compact and proportioned. Their major characteristic was the variety of flowers within the bouquet. During the French Baroque period, a soft, almost fragile appeal became a major characteristic of floral design.

Arrangements were asymmetrical using the C-crescent or the S-shape. In the empire period they used simple lines in triangle shapes and strong color contrast.

The typical empire design would be arranged in an urn containing an abundance of large richly colored flowers. The designs in this period were formal and symmetrical and often tightly arranged with a variety of flowers. Oriental design became influential due to active trading.

At the end of the period the designs became more informal due to the fact that the fragrance of the flowers, which were believed to rid the air of diseases, became more important. Small, handheld arrangements called nosegays or tussie-mussies were used to carry sweet scents, and also helped mask the odors of society where bathing was often believed to be unhealthy.

Flowers were considered fashionable in this period. You can even use individual flowers as decor! Did you love learning how to DIY large paper flowers?

Leah Leatherby Pin We used pink card stock , but you could use any scrapbook paper you like. These flowers would be super cute with a slight pattern on the sheets you use for the petals, or you could even make the center of the flower a different color. About the Author Latest Posts. About Leah Leatherby Hi!

My name is Leah Leatherby. Since then, I have had two little ones; a 4 year old boy, and a 2 year old little girl. My life now consists of planning parties, baking cookies, and watching my kids. My husband has 75 first cousins alone, so we pretty much have an event every weekend!

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